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Mount Rinjani Trekking Sembalun Guides


Our purpose is to provide a website that has lots of information and guidance for those who desire to travel to Lombok Island, and especially for those who are interested in Mount Rinjani trekking in sharing package with low price.


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We are very pleased to be able to assist you in reaching the summit of the spectacular Mount Rinjani. We have a team that consists of professional and experienced local Sembalun porters and guides.


Note that our mission is to establish this company to provide opportunities for knowledge and skills in a foreign language, particularly English; so that in the future, other generations will be able to interact with visitor who make the effort to travel here.


Now here is some insight into Mount Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is known to be the second highest mountain within the region of Indonesia. It has an altitude of 3,726 above sea level. Truly Rinjani trekking reveals the real beauty of nature here, which is so captivating. And you will truly enjoy the very challenging trek that will get your adrenaline flowing.


It is good to visit our site and browse it for more information if you have intensions of travelling here to do some great and adventurous trekking on awesome Mount Rinjani. We humbly thank you for considering our company for your destination. You will undeniably have a wonderful experience when you are standing on the top of the summit of Mount Rinjani.


Here is a bit about one of the trekking expeditions :


It is so exciting to start out in Sembalun village for the hike up Mount Rinjani. The trail commences through waving open grasslands as it winds its way up Mount Rinjani. There will be places to stop for rests and snacks at Post one Pemantauan and Post two Tengengean. At Post three Padabalong, there will be a longer break for lunch. Then there will be an immensely steep climb up the rim of the crater.


It will be needful to camp in the night at Sembalun Crater Rim. Here you will see such awesome views the summit of Mount Rinjani and the village of Sembalun in east of Lombok island with background beautiful Pergasingan, Selong, Anak Dara and Nanggi hill.


You will then have a light breakfast before starting a challenging trek that will last for three hours up to the summit. You will arrive in time to experience the majestic beauty of the glorious sunrise. You will descend then to the crater rim area and will have a hot breakfast and will continue on with more trekking to reach the bottom of Mount Rinjani once again, or continue the journey down to Segara Anak lake, hot spring water and up to crater rim Senaru for 2nd night in tent, here you will see such awesome views of the sunset over three Gilis and Mount Agung Bali, the summit of Mount Rinjani and Lake Segara Anak with new volcano Gunung Baru Jari.


There are two different trekking expedition sharing packages, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or guiding you or please check out our trekking packages to see what suits you and your group best and have good adventure.